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I authorize O'wow Home Care Services or its affiliates to conduct a national criminal background check as part of the application process and on an annual basis if I’m hired. I further authorize Loving Healthcare Services to submit my information to the appropriate agency for the purpose of conducting all required criminal background studies. My employment is contingent on meeting the minimal criminal background requirements as established by O'wow Home Care Services and the Minnesota Department of Human Services under Minnesota Statutes chapter 245c. I understand that if I fail to meet DHS's or O'wow Home Care Services requirements before or during the course of my employment, O'wow Home Care Services may refuse to hire me or terminate my employment in its sole discretion.
Employee Service Form

Employee Service Form

This is to affirm O'wow Home Care Services policy of providing Equal Opportunity to all employees and applicants for employment in accordance with all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action laws, directives, and regulations of Federal, State, and Local governing bodies or agencies thereof and including Minnesota Statute 363A. The information you provide is voluntary and will be used only to monitor our compliance with equal opportunity laws and regulations. As an affirmative action fiscal intermediary, we must monitor our equal employment opportunity and affirmative action program, and report the results to government agencies. Please help us gather this information by identifying your sex, race or ethnicity, and disability status on this form. This form is not used to determine employment decisions.
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