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As an employee of O’WOW HOME CARE SERVICES LLC, I have been informed that when clients are hospitalized, I cannot turn in timecards for those days even if I am at the hospital with the client. When clients are hospitalized, payment is made to the hospital for their care and the home care provider cannot bill for any services provided by PCAs.

I also understand that if my client is on vacation or out of town and as a PCA I am not with the client, I cannot claim these hours. If timecards are turned in for these hours, this is fraudulent claims for payment.

In both situations listed above, documenting that services were provided in the home is against agency policy, against the PCA Program and is considered falsifying records. Violation of these regulations is grounds for termination.

I acknowledge that I have been informed of these policies and I understand that I may not claim these hours as hours worked. I am to notify the office when my client is not available to receive services at home.

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