Because We Care About You and Your Loved Ones
elderly woman in a bed with her nurse

Respite Care

Being a sole care provider for your loved one can be a challenging role for you such that you need to make sure that they are okay. They become your responsibility and we have high respect for what you do. It may be a difficult task but nothing is more rewarding than being a caregiver yourself, especially when it’s for your loved one’s sake.

However, your energy for caregiving can deteriorate over time due to just simply being drained and exhausted because no one can relieve you from your tasks. After all, caregiving is a full-time job!

Through our Respite Care Program, you can get the help you need to make sure that your loved one is getting the care and the support they need continuously. This service is specifically designed to help full-time caregivers like you. We are dedicated to providing the care your loved ones need while ensuring you have the peace of mind to relax and recharge your batteries whenever you need to!

Respite care available at OWHCS:

  • Daytime Respite
  • Daily Respite (weekdays)
  • Overnight Respite
  • Weekend Respite
  • Emergency Respite Care (depending on availability of caregiver)

If you are in need of Respite Care for your entire family, please call us at 651-280-7224 or 651-756-8948.