Helping you live more independently at home.
lady assisting elderly with her meals

Each of us deserves to live a life that is filled with opportunities to discover and achieve. However, when one has a certain limitation, for example, their age or disability, acquiring this achievement may be deemed difficult. We may not be able to live independently and go out on our own due to these limitations that hinder our freedom.

But with O’ Wow Home Care Services LLC, we understand that these hindrances cannot stop us forever. Especially for your loved ones with disabilities or seniors with frail bodies, living independently at home and in the community is still possible. What they only need to do is to have adequate care and attention that will help them achieve their goals one by one.

That is why we offer Independent Living Skills (ILS) as one of our services. ILS will help you or your loved one learn new skills that are essential for everyday living. For example, you can learn how to operate a washing machine and how to do the laundry. We have responsible and dependable professionals who will make sure that you or a loved one will stay safe and well-supervised throughout.

Other skills we teach to you or your loved ones include:

  • Learning basic household chores
  • Learning how to better manage finances
  • Knowing how to prepare meals
  • Self-care
  • Communication skills necessary for community interaction
  • Community living and mobility
  • And more!

If you would like to request our Independent Living Skills service, please reach us now. We are
more than happy to assist you with your needs.